Twitter Statistics… Believe at Your Own Risk


Like Internet stats in general, these numbers may not be true but there is some truth in them.

What they seem to say is that Twitter can be a good platform for reaching emerging countries; and since 2009, Twitter has become more of an international phenomenon and not just another USA fad.

The top country for Twitter use as a % of the Internet population isn’t the US, or indeed the UK, it is the Netherlands where 22.3% use the micro-blogging service.

This is according to Comscore, which also shows significant Twitter penetration in emerging markets with around 1/5 Internet users in Indonesia (19%), Venezuela (21.1%) and Brazil (21.8%) accessing it.

Comscore says that in the UK, 1/8 (12.9%) of the Internet population uses Twitter, while a separate Pew study in the US at the end of last year put the figure at 8% – with non whites, women and urbanites most likely to use the service

All this makes Twitter much more of an international and multi-cultural service than what it once was. Consider that back in June 2009, Sysomos found that over six in ten (62%) of Twitter users were in the United States.

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