The not-so-young American is back…


The not-so-young American is back… as Bowie might say…

Nick Lester is back with Vertical Marketing after an 8-year hiatus. He was part of the Vertical team through the 1990s, running the US office. After a few years as creative director for a large cosmeceutical/nutraceutical concern, he’s returned.

Nick´s remit initially required him to conduct research with Vertical´s customers and to look into our social media. This has led to an increased knowledge and understanding by the Vertical team as to the power of social media, and to identify where social media is of relevance to our customers in the B2B technology field.  Vertical is now implementing social media campaigns with clients, where appropriate.

Some might recall that Nick was the founding editor of Printed Circuit Design and Printed Circuit Assembly magazines and European publisher of Printed Circuit Fabrication… and editor of the original SMT UK and Circuits Design.


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