What´s the #1 Skill You Need To Be an Effective CEO?


A recent IBM survey polled 1,541 CEOs, asking respondents to rank in order of importance a list of the most essential qualities needed by effective business leaders.

Surprising results, really.

One would think that things like ´fairness,´ ´openness´ and ´humility´ might score very well – after all, no one likes to work with an arrogant, arbitrary dictator. Guess again. In fact, humility and fairness were last on the list.

What scored highest? Creativity… yes, creativity.

It seems that in the topsy-turvy, constantly changing world of international business, we´re looking for a leader who offers out of the box solutions: new ways to work, new places to do business, clever ways to promote that business and more efficient ways to turn a profit.

To quote IBM:
“CEOs recognize that leading creatively will require them to shed some long-held beliefs. Their approaches need to be original, rather than traditional. They must be distinct and, at times, radical in their conception and execution, not just marginally better than existing models or methods.”

The second most important trait was ´integrity.´


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