VM 2011 Marketing Survey – Results


Our B2B Marketing Survey said…

We asked our clients, and others, about their views on marketing agencies, communications activities, social media and B2B marketing. Do they think social media is important to B2B marketing or just a FaceBook fad? How effective are traditional media versus social media? What are their plans for implementing social media?

B2B Market Research :

1) When working with an agency, please rate the following in terms of importance: (on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being highest importance)
Knowledge of your industry 3.8
‘Out of the box’ thinking 4.7
Graphic design capabilities 4.3
Content generation capabilities (articles, releases, blogs, etc.) 3.8
Branding capabilities/ideas 4.1
Knowledge of latest marketing opportunities 3.8
Internet / Social Media capabilities 2.8
Use of metrics to measure effectiveness 3.6
2) For each of the following marketing activities, would you say that your company will do more or less than last year?
Email blasts 71% more, 29% same
Social media 70% more, 15% less, 15% same
Mail 33% more, 45% less, 12% same
Events / training 66% more, 33% same
Webinars 86% more, 14% same
Web-based initiatives 84% more, 16% less
Print advertising 28% more, 44% less, 28% same
Online advertising / banners 71% more, 29% same
Video 100% more
Audio 33% more, 16% less, 51% same
eBooks 80% more, 20% same
3) In general, how would you rate the effectiveness of your traditional media efforts?
Print advertising 28% effective, 15% ineffective, 57% somewhat effective
Press releases 71% effective, 29% somewhat effective
Trade shows 43% effective, 14% ineffective, 43% somewhat effective
Company events 100% effective
Company literature 67% effective, 33% somewhat effective
White papers 43% effective, 29% somewhat effective, 14% not sure, 14% N/A
4) Have you personally used any of the following social media options when researching a product for your company and / or personal use?
Facebook 14% yes, 86% no
LinkedIn 43% yes, 57% no
Twitter 29% yes, 71% no
YouTube 71% yes, 29% no
Blogs 29% yes, 71% no
Slideshare 0% yes, 100% no
5) In your view, how important is social media to B2B marketing and to your company’s strategy in particular?
Extremely important 15%
Very important 41%
Somewhat important 29%
Not important 15%
6) For existing and / or future online / social media initiatives, what are your primary objectives? (listed in order of importance)
1. Building awareness
2. Lead generation
3. Listening to prospects and customers
4. Community building
5. Website traffic
6. Reputation management
7. Search engine rankings
8. Reduce customer acquisition costs
7) When it comes to implementing social media, which of the following poses the biggest challenge? (listed in order of importance)
1. Getting started
2. Identifying where to participate
3. Tracking conversions
4. Finding out who the communities and influencers are
5. Understanding how / where social media works for my company
6. Developing content
7. Cost / resource impact
8. Coordinating social media activities

NOTE: Totals may exceed 100 because of rounding.


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