Where B2B Meets B2C… Telling a Story


It’s a perfect B2B technology marketing storm. The rise of YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr, coupled with the lack of effectiveness of most print ads and a tremendous improvement in the quality and ease of use of equipment have pushed video to the top of the marketer’s toolkit.

If ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, Video……

Simply put, video is becoming one of the most powerful marketing and ‘storytelling’ media for B2B. Here are a few more reasons:

  1. People retain more information from video
  2. People trust video more than any other media
  3. Moving images create an emotional connection
  4. People like to see things for themselves
  5. Travel budgets can be scaled back using webinars and you can see for yourself what’s happening ‘in the field’
  6. In a global economy video transcends language – people can see the same thing wherever they are with subtitles or in-language voice-overs
  7. Placed strategically, video is a searchable asset that is an important part of any SEO strategy… YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine
  8. We see everything, everywhere on various screens, for example, TV, laptops, mobiles and iPads. People expect screens, they accept information on screens and this trend will only increase
  9. Video equipment is cheaper and, like digital cameras, almost foolproof… almost

One caveat: video should have multiple uses. One-offs are not cost-effective. And video needs to be joined up with other efforts to help present what’s called ‘your version of the truth’.

Integrate video into what you do and make it work for your business objectives. If and when you segment your marketplace and know the different customer personas, it makes sense to create tailored versions of videos geared to those customer segments.

In fact, content can be flavoured specifically for major accounts based on your ‘generic’ story.

Knowing where and how to place a video is the tricky part. Remember, Google can’t watch a video and getting your efforts indexed correctly can be frustrating. Vertical Marketing’s SEO experts can help you achieve success.


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