Who Decided To Call It Social Media?


For members of the B2B community, the term social media is prejudicial: it conjures up images of after-work get togethers, inane FaceBook chats and even more frivolous Tweets.

Don’t let the term Social Media confuse you.

Social media is simply a new way and a new set of tools to do what marketing has always done: get your information to as many interested people as possible. The message itself may have changed its style – the old fashioned one-way advertising message is certainly passe’ – but not its content. The kinds of media you can use have expanded and become less expensive – video, for example, is faster, easier and cheaper to produce. And various forms of media have either gained or lost in popularity – ROI on most print ads is not nearly as strong as it was even 5 years ago.

Today in the more efficient world of B2B marketing, it takes intelligent planning (like always) and an even more thorough understanding of who your customers are, where they ‘live’ and how to reach them. And that takes experience, intelligence and creativity, PLUS a demonstrable knowledge of technology markets.

A social brand has a clear and consistent story to tell,” says Vertical’s managing director, Paul Barlow. “With this story in hand, the rest of social media become distribution platforms – places to send your story to customers where they live, work and are most receptive to hearing your message.”

Too bad some tweener gave these powerful marketing tools such silly names.


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