Vertical Marketing have previously worked with LED Trde Counters managing director.

A gap in the market had been identified for a professional website selling LED light fittings and lamps to the trade, electrical contractors and consumers; enter

How We Progressed

Our initial brief was to create a strong brand identity for LED Trade Counter. A brand identity must be clear, easy to comprehend and reflect a company’s tone of voice, style, ethos, culture and message.

We designed a few concepts and once we had an agreed style, we applied this across all levels of communication; namely business stationery, website, social media platforms, presentations, onlineads, emarketing newsletters and company signage.

Progress Progress

As the website is the cornerstone of this company, it needed to appeal to both trade and consumers; providing detailed and technical product information for the trade about individual products, whilst still appealing to consumers.

We carried out a detailed photo shoot for the products, which involved shooting them from all angles to promote specific features. These images were then resized and uploaded into the content management system.

We also carried out usability tests during the development of the website, in order to ensure we were creating a website that was balanced between trade customers and consumers.

In order to drive traffic to the website and to gain customers, we implemented a Google Adwords campaign, created a social media strategy, an email marketing schedule and PR program.

How Things Stand Now

The website was launched and started to see visitors almost straight away. The initial objective was to start selling to electrical contractors immediately, which was achieved. Sales within the first few months exceeded £100,000 with an average order of £222.

We are working with LED Trade Counter to develop a white box brand in order to widen the opportunities for selling.

Tom, Operations Manager of LED Trade Counter said,