We All Need Strong Leaders – Now More Than Ever

A few months back, I found an interesting article from IBM about business leadership and the qualities that employees most admire in a boss.

I suggest we all re-read this news item (http://www.vertical-marketing.com/news/general-news/what-s-the-1-skill-you-need-to-be-an-effective-ceo-)… here’s why.

In a recent interview, a well-respected editor of an iconic American business magazine said something that makes perfect sense and gives you an ‘a-ha’ moment of clarity.

When speaking about the lack of progress on the jobs front, he said this: “What’s missing in America are strong leaders… look, in good times strong leaders aren’t that important, but you see their necessity in bad times.”

How simple, how elegant, how correct.

And how applicable to just about all that we do. Whether you’re a parent trying to take care of your family or an IBM-style exec leading an international conglomerate, tough times demand strong, forceful leadership. Again, recalling the IBM report, strong leaders are those who use available data, come up with a unique plan and then move ahead: they don’t wait for another piece of information or another study or approval, for that matter. Coupled with the trite, but still accurate idea of ‘out-of-the-box thinking,’ strong leaders take a risk – calculated, for sure –  and employees admire the leaders who accept the responsibility and take, perhaps, a greater chance than most.

In difficult circumstances, ‘time is of the essence.’ Standing still is not an option… people respect, admire and need vision, direction and courage, as do companies if they’re meant to prosper in this day and age.