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A recent article on the BBC website outlines the effect of increasing growth and accessibility of technology which is now not only available to large companies who invest in the most affective software or computers etc. but it’s an open game for businesses of all sizes and budget to benefit with growth and profit. It all depends on ‘the new ways that current technologies are applied that will continue to drive radical change to business models.’

The article titled ‘Cheap technology helps small business grow big’ is written by David Mills, vice president of Ricoh Europe, so he knows a thing or two about technology. David points out that ‘the change is largely attributed to an increase of low-cost computing power, storage and bandwidth available via the ‘cloud’.’ With this increase video-based communication and social media along with other important communication tools, all services you can find with us here at Vertical, will become more widespread.

David explores the fact that if ‘SMEs’ (small and medium enterprises) apply technologies in an effective way they can find themselves at an advantage ‘as they are more likely to have a more cohesive and collaborative management structure.’ This results in the SME focusing on its core business, allowing it to grow. We especially like that the article recognises that companies don’t have to employ in-house departments such as accounts, secretaries and, our main interest, marketers. This is where companies like Vertical, external specialist in marketing communications, can handle a company’s marketing needs as and when they require them. Not only does this allow a business to save valuable money and resources to focus on their core business it enables them to make the most of the external specialists knowledge and experience of their field.

Using us as an example of how Vertical would benefit an SME, we offer a full marketing team including graphic designer, web developers and PR experts etc. Combine that with more than 23 years of experience in marketing communication; now imagine the cost to employ an in-house team with that skill set!

The article finished looking at ‘The Big Data phenomenon’ which is the ‘explosion in the amount of data both generated and made available to organisations.’ This results in more accurate information on many aspects of a business from product inventories to customer insights.

These are areas we deem very important and believe that every marketing programme must include a structured monitoring system… a way to gauge ROI, track effectiveness and offer intelligent insight to help fine tune or revamp any segment of a campaign. We like to think that our tools and approach to measure such data, proves to ‘quickly identify what should be retained and to make good use of the information that is gathered’

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