Found on a marketing blog…

“In a former life I made a living doing research at the library and with a 2400-baud modem, pre-Internet. All these years later and somewhat ironically, I am not a believer in ‘big’ research projects when it comes to marketing and advertising.

OK, so now I’ve made myself a pariah to a lot of agencies that love to do research for the money it brings in and the time it takes. Research allows agencies and their clients to talk and meet and meet some more about potential strategies without ever implementing one.

Why? Because once implemented, there’s a chance of failure: the longer you can wait before you place your bet, the longer you can sit at the poker table and pretend to be a player.

I´m from a direct response background: there´s no pretending. Trust your instincts, take a stand, move forward, adjust to circumstances. Leave most research to the posers!”

He has a point. Research can be useful in launching a new product, for example, or when you’re rebranding a company, but too much can lead to catatonia and, in a lot of cases, just plain fear. You’ll never know everything. And you’ll miss opportunities waiting for that next piece of information.