Have an Extra £299? Concerned About the Future of Advertising?

Please, please have a look at this offer I received.

It’s an ad sent to marketers enticing us to come to a seminar, or should I say a ‘War of Words’ related to the future of advertising and the crisis we are now facing about lack of credibility, consumer skepticism, I might even call it consumer HATRED for ads.


A few of things to notice:

  1.  We at Vertical aren’t the only ones who have recognised this crisis. A few readers of this blog have commented on how pessimistic we/I am. Well, I’m not alone. Remember the old saying: If you think you’re being followed, you’re paranoid: BUT if indeed, you are being followed, then you’re very smart to worry.
  2. You have to love the ‘young turks’ reference. C’mon, it’s mostly older people who are familiar with that term… and, if memory serves, when I was a young turk I never thought of myself as one… it’s not a phrase I would have used. So, to whom is this message being directed? I suspect it’s to older marketers who the sponsors figure want to get hip real fast.
  3. These young turks who will debate the future of advertising have used nothing but words and  typography to convey their message! No pictures, no moving images… words. Doesn’t that surprise you? These prophets of the future have decided to spread their advertising message through words alone! And this from the generation that always seems to be reminding us that no one reads.

Frankly, this shouldn’t come as a shock as (and we’ve been saying this to customers) the nature of social media has helped to reinforce the power of words.

Again, have a look at the ad. The format on the day is cheesy – stolen from cheap TV cooking shows and the constant need for competition (they’re actually going to vote for a winner) – and the cost is too high. But for 50 quid, I’d take a flutter (is that the phrase?).