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Good news for UK Marketing


After routine browsing of the BBC News Business section we came across an article with some positive news for the UK Marketing industry. The article titled ‘UK business confidence ‘growing’ reflects on a recent survey carried out by Mindmetre research group. The research states that 57.1% of companies claim they plan to boost their marketing budget in 2012 compared to a 41% in 2011. However the article does have a negative figure with a mention of a survey by the Institute of Directors stating that 1 in 3 UK companies foresaw the risk of the UK falling into recession this year.

Here at Vertical we are already seeing the evidence of the positive increase, with many of our existing clients such as Diagnosys Systems and Alpha Wire International, and IEWC UK, making big plans for their futures and involving us by increasing their marketing budget expenditure. We have also had several new business enquiries in the past 3-4 weeks keeping us busy with important proposals and meetings. With the evident rise over the past year we are hoping that businesses continue to have faith in the power of marketing and instead of seeing it as the first expense that can be cut, be more inclined to invest more into keeping their names out there to generate more business.

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