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How not to create your company website


One thing that really gets my back up is the lack of intelligent thinking that some B2B technology companies put into planning and creating their new website.  Particularly, given that a company’s website is probably the single most important communications tool required today.

I was reminded of this again recently during a credentials meeting with a director of a B2B technology company and potential new client for Vertical.  Having agreed the importance of the new website to his customers, prospects and international channel partners, he explained that we would only be required to design the site, and that a young lady in his admin department, armed with a GCSE in English, would be writing the copy, and a guy in despatch, who recently received a digital camera from his girlfriend as a birthday present, would be producing the photography.

Does this mean that all you copywriters and photographers, who studied for years to attain professional qualifications, since which time you have gained many more years of real world experience, need to dust off your CVs and retrain as office clerks or for a position in ‘goods despatch’?

I informed the director that no website created by Vertical’s professional designers would feature such copy or images and promptly left.  But not before suggesting that he should buy a copy of Dreamweaver for the lady on reception, whom I ascertained studied art at school, so that she could design the site.

The moral of the story?  Stick to what you do best….we do!


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