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A Simple Answer


Sometimes, maybe most of the time, we tend to over think things. It’s human nature… we want to know everything about everything before we make a decision, even small decisions. (I once took six months to purchase a pair of Fry boots from eBay: what colour? what price? what style? how much to ship? can I return them? I finally bought a pair and have worn them no more than four times in the past year.)

So, when someone asks “Why should my company participate is social media?” agencies and marketers and B2B gurus tend to reply with esoteric answers about the changing nature of the relationship between company and consumer, the rise of scepticism, any number of (often valid) reasons.

Here’s the simplest and perhaps most profound answer.

Approximately 50% of your best customers prefer to receive information via one or more social media platforms. This percentage is for the USA, UK and Europe… in some Asian countries, the number is much higher.

Case closed – unless you think this 50% isn’t worth the effort.

“Why should I be on Facebook?” – because almost half of your best customers are there.

“Why should I have a LinkedIn page?” – because almost half of your best customers are there.

Now let’s say it’s 1995 – “Why should I advertise in a trade magazine?” – because almost half of your best customers are there.

The logic is the same. There’s no complex reasoning. Your customers have migrated from trade magazines to social media platforms. As a marketer, you have to follow. That’s all the logic you need, really.

(By the way, does this mean you should abandon traditional platforms? No, the other 50% of your best customers are still there.)


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