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Do you know what people are saying about you?


With more than 140 million active users creating 340 million Tweets a day (source:, you may be forgiven for not knowing everything that is being said about you. However, figures like this show that you should at least attempt to listen to online discussions to give you some idea of what’s being talked about.

With this amount of users online, it is safe to assume that at least some of your customers and prospects will be online, whether it be Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, Tumbler etc., and it shows that you need to be there too.

Comments, complements or complaints?

Research has shown that of 2,000 UK adults polled, 36% had contacted a large company through social media channels, and often the reasons for people contacting these companies is to complain. It might be harsh, but people are finding that companies and organisations are responding quicker when they are being publically talked about. Not really a surprise if you look at the figures again of online users, and how quickly a simple Tweet could spread and damage someone’s reputation.

The place for social media in B2B is still questioned by many professionals, often because it isn’t clear how it can be used. But what if it was your reputation at stake? If you received a complaint through an email or telephone call, one would assume that you’d respond straight away. It’s no different with social media, apart from the fact that the complaint is accessible, online and global. And can’t usually be removed either.

So the message is clear. Go online, even if it’s just to have a look at what other people are saying about you, your company, your industry. You never know, you might nip a potential complaint in the bud, or even strike up a conversation with a prospect.

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