Success of the CAB meeting

“I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the CAB, however I found the session extremely useful and worthwhile. It’s a great way of communicating our feedback and ideas, as well as meeting with other Vertical clients, and sharing ideas and experiences”, said David Myers, Group Marketing Director of Rebound.

This was just one of the positive comments received following our Customer Advisory Board (CAB), held last night (15 June).

As part of Vertical’s commitment to its clients, the CAB aims to find out their feedback on the agency, its services and what it can do to improve its service offering.  Key discussion points were centred around briefing to billing procedures, reporting systems, and general feedback on what the agency are doing right (and wrong!).

“I’d like to thank all of the people who gave up their time to attend the CAB” said Paul Barlow, Vertical´s managing director. “Initial feedback shows it was a worthwhile activity, with lots of debate and interaction taking place. I’m looking forward to receiving the key points and discussing them in depth with the full Vertical team, following which we’ll put together a plan on how to implement the relevant ideas.”

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The not-so-young American is back...

The not-so-young American is back… as Bowie might say…

Nick Lester is back with Vertical Marketing after an 8-year hiatus. He was part of the Vertical team through the 1990s, running the US office. After a few years as creative director for a large cosmeceutical/nutraceutical concern, he’s returned.

Nick´s remit initially required him to conduct research with Vertical´s customers and to look into our social media. This has led to an increased knowledge and understanding by the Vertical team as to the power of social media, and to identify where social media is of relevance to our customers in the B2B technology field.  Vertical is now implementing social media campaigns with clients, where appropriate.

Some might recall that Nick was the founding editor of Printed Circuit Design and Printed Circuit Assembly magazines and European publisher of Printed Circuit Fabrication… and editor of the original SMT UK and Circuits Design.

Business continuity for our clients

We´ve updated and improved our data protection strategy to ensure business continuity for our clients. The plan includes insurance for lost files, lost work and lost data if there should be a fire, flood, or other disaster.

We want to indemnify clients for time and work lost if the worst happen. Shouldn’t every agency have a similar plan?

Project management two years on…

Vertical ‘celebrates’ the second anniversary of it’s online project management system. Introduced in 2009 as a way to help staff and clients managed current project goals and developments, and exchange large files (up to 100 Mb) from anywhere in the world, the system has proven to be irreplaceable.

Basecamp is a part of Vertical´s flexible toolkit. Clients are in control and in touch, and Vertical can track project segments to make sure deliverables are on-time, on-budget and to the brief.

“Although we felt certain that this system would deliver what it promised, you never know with these things. However two years down the line, we’re more than happy with the way Basecamp works”, said Paul Barlow.

The results are in…

The results are in… from our marketing and social media trends survey.

Social media is encroaching more into the business world and some of our customers are seeing this, even if they don’t agree or embrace it currently.

We asked a few clients, and others, about their views on media trends, social media and B2B. Do they think social media is important to B2B or are is it just playing around with FaceBook? How effective are traditional media versus social media? What social media activities are best suited for the world of B2B?

Click here to have a look at the very interesting numbers.

Published: 24th May 2011