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SEO – Keyword within Internal Site Links


With internal site links, you get two chances of hitting the target, yet so many sites are firing blanks.

With the huge uprising of Content Management Systems (CMS) users, surely someone should lay down the law?

In a previous article I talked about how the URL structure of a website was the most important SEO ranking factor there currently is. I’ve experimented with this myself and with some sites the improvement can be dramatic and over-night.

Most CMS users, with a little SEO knowledge, can manage to knock together fairly respectable pyramid structures for a website, yet so many neglect the ‘title’ tag of a link. The title tag is the small pop-up message you get when hovering over a link. This tag is your second chance at the target!

You could be missing the chance to add another keyword / key-phrase and strengthen the ‘theme’ of a web page.

Why is this so?

Many are simple forgotten about, but many are down to lack of training. Let’s face it, most people churning out articles, are either ‘Old Skool’; brought up with typewriters; or youngsters educated on social media sites. Nether are the ideal for generating search-able content.

Admittedly, on many CMS text editors, the field to enter a hover title is buried within a tab marked ‘Advanced’, with a field name ‘Advisory Title’. Even to an experienced web-developer that takes some guessing.

Top 10 SEO Internal Site Link Tips

  • Use Keywords as internal site links
  • Use Keywords as link hovers
  • Keywords should be relevant to target page title.
  • If linking to a file, the filename should also contain the keyword.
  • Keep filenames and links as short as possible − 3 hyphens maximum
  • Avoid huge drop down menus
  • Make sure link appears within the Sitemap.xml
  • Do not use keywords to link to restricted access pages
  • Make sure all links are valid
  • Do not use relative addressing − include the domain name

SEO – Why Drop Down Menus Are Bad

Some web-sites that lack pyramid structures, with no linking strategies, also employ huge drop down menus above the real page content. Sometimes hundreds of links can be placed next to one another with no separating text. Apart from blowing away any Google Page Rank share bonus, these drop downs void the use of hover text. All SEO bonuses are lost and bad offenders can appear to search engines like they are ‘link stuffing’. A double death for any site.


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