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SEO Font Definitions


Did you know that if you make text Bold, it is not only more visible to your readers but to search engines as well?

What things should I be highlighting? Are italics the same as underlines?

We’ve put together some hot tips on SEO font definitions.

Typical font definitions

  • Use Keywords in <strong> tag
  • Use Keywords in <em> tag
  • Use Keywords in <li> tag
  • Use Keywords in <u> tag
  • Use Keywords in <font> tag

From experimentation I’d say there is little difference between any of these tags. However, I would say it is very important to use these tags on relevant words.

In the same way as a copywriter would have a list of topics he would like to cover within an article, an SEO guru would have a list of words he would like to highlight in some way. These words are not his major keywords, chosen for the page, they are words that purely strengthen the theme of a page.

I use font definitions when I need to highlight certain SEO key-phrases that wouldn’t make much sense as headers. For instance if you had a page about a DVD player, good words to highlight would be ‘BluRay’ or ‘MP4 compatible’.

  • Don’t overdo it, a page that is all bullet points or has every other word in a different font face is difficult to read. Keep it readable, you don’t want a bounce.
  • Don’t waste your font definitions. How many pages have you seen where the only highlighted phrase on a page is ‘Read More’?
  • With the exception of bullet points, embed highlighted words and phrases within sentences.


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