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B2B SEO can be Make or Break


It’s true, SEO can make or break any on line B2B company. It’s important to get your message across and to get as much traffic as possible to visit your website. If you trade on-line and web traffic is low, it is unlikely that business will boom.

How many websites have you seen where the only content is a few stock photos of the receptionist and some generic text about the company history? Yawn…ZZZzzzzz

Internet Marketing can involve a lot of research into the latest methods, but one thing always remains constant and that same principle has stood solid since the dawn of advertising. Provide the customer with what they are looking for.

Sure, I’m always quite pleased when I find a new technique that could increase traffic or sales and these days they seem to be coming thick and fast, but if the content wasn’t on the page in the first place “I’d be flogging a dead horse”. The algorithms used by search engines change daily and often just minor tweaks are needed to keep on top.

The ill informed; will suggest using ‘Black Hat’ techniques and sure on the day you try, they might produce good results, but a Search Engines’ goal is to provide their users with quality content and if that content has sneaked to the top through underhand methods, they’ll tweak their algorithm again and your website will disappear for a long time. Lets face it, if you cheat, you’ll get punished. If your customers don’t want to be on your website, they’ll leave fast; so entice them in with ‘attractive goodies’ and reward them before they leave.

What is very important, is not just to gather Analytics but to understand what they mean. Simply expecting them to go up with time is the first mistake people make with analytics. For even a very new website with barely any visitors you can gain info, such as whether the traffic is B2B or B2C, whether they know your brand name and what they thought of your website.

My Parents ran a sucessful shop for 40 years and always refered to ‘Foot Fall’, ‘Checkouts’ and ‘Sales’. Foot fall being the number of customers through the door in a day, checkouts the number of times the till draw opened and Sales being the ££££. Analytics are no different, they will reflect exactly the same figures (For B2C, even if everybody is on the beach: not shopping!) These days you don’t have to go by a persons accent to see how far they’ve travelled to buy goods or services; you’ll get a nice map.

In the old days, you might have gauged what people wanted simply by talking to them. The same is very true today, but now you are listening for ‘Keywords’ and these are one factor that will drive traffic to a website. There are many different approaches for gaining a list of keywords, some easy, some slow and some more successful than others.

Once you have a list of keywords it is then important to understand that placing them in the url, linking text on external Forums / Blogs etc can produce positive effects. Use them as anchor text, for keyword stemming, theme generation, for social media tweets etc…

Some people look at a website and see the pictures, I don’t. I don’t quite see the code ‘Matrix style’ but I can soon see if a site is SEO and analytics friendly. Within minutes, even without access to their analytics I’ll be able to determine a companies web presence, social media presence, whether they are doing anything active to drive traffic to a site, what qualifications the web developer has, who wrote the content, how long they’ve been trading, how often they update or add copy, are they in the news? etc. Our Graphic Designers, will see me as rather special and make comments about my icons being un-enticing to visitors – In other words one persons’ opionion is just that, it’s a team effort, that needs to be co-ordinated.

Planning is the key, if a websites’ structure is correctly laid out then it becomes easier to add filters to the analytics to identify markets, gauge success of keywords, branding or market sectors. I’ll publish more on pyramid websites and theming of web branches at a later date. For instance at this company we have various experts, I’ll mostly be ‘blogging’ within the SEO section, therefore I’ve set up some filters to just monitor the traffic to these pages, I’ll monitor ‘click through’ and also Social Media presence of articles.


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