Web design and management

Your website is the single most important part of your marketing plan. As a wise man once said, "It's not what your company says it is, it's what Google says your company is." Bad grammar, but its smart thinking.

B2B websites face usability challenges beyond those of most B2C sites. The products/services tend to be more complex, the customers are more diverse and the buying process has more steps and complications. And unlike B2C, a B2B website isn't about closing the sale; it's about establishing who you are, what you do and how you engage customers. It needs to inform and engage… to be helpful, technically relevant and easy to access.

Anytime during the procurement cycle, potential customers should be able to find and access the information they need at that moment to move the process forward. Your website becomes a library of information for customers, the sales team and/or your channel partners anywhere in the world, that demonstrates your expertise and commitment to excellence and service.

Because of the critical importance of websites for our B2B clients, we have gathered a team of world-class designers, graphics artists and coders. Our web development team knows what's important for B2B.

Web design and management

Web design and management

Many of our clients come to us after horror stories about working with web design and management companies. "Every change we wanted, no matter how small, seemed to take days and cost us a fortune," was the general sentiment. That's just not right.

Vertical has developed a proprietary content management system (CMS) that makes website management easy and affordable... editing is simple, which means you can make changes on the fly, in a matter of minutes and for the cost of your time only. You're in full control of all content… able to make changes and add updates whenever you need to.

Of course, if you need help with anything related to your site, we'll be there.

Web design and managementSEO isn't a game of chance

When content, design quality and SEO ranking are of primary concern - and they should be - you need a bespoke website, something designed specifically for your company, your industry, your markets… and exactly what's needed for optimum SEO and user-friendly functionality.In the competitive world of B2B, ready-made templates won't do. Your equipment and services are unique, and so should your website - one of a kind, designed from scratch, quick to download and residing on a platform of site statistics so everything is measured, tracked and then measured again.

Web design and management


Everyone claims they know how to beat Google… don't you believe it. Tricks and gimmicks can do more to harm your rankings than help.

With a well-coded website you will see an almost automatic rise in search engine rankings if the site is well designed, with copy written to optimise natural searching and intelligent coding that works within the (changing) parameters of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

However, for many B2B companies selling into tightly segmented markets, search engine rankings aren't as critical as they might be for consumer-oriented, mass market sites. Why? More often than not, customers come looking for you by name or niche market. That's an advantage for B2B.

SEO is misunderstood by lots of people, confounded by too many web designers acting as if it's their secret. It isn't just for geeks and coders! SEO should be done by everyone from the boardroom down to the factory floor.

Without quality, original, information-rich content, a website is simply a waste of time and money. At Vertical we know what's working now, not last year, and can create you a website that is search engine friendly, plus, has the right content that target audience are looking for.

Web design and management

Correctly interpreted data is pricelessLike SEO, Google Analytics, Webtrends and the like are a kind of black art. You get a list of impressive numbers and figures but it takes knowledge and insight to interpret web analytics in a way that adds meaningful insights into customer habits and site performance.

Once understood and interpreted, this data is priceless, and an irreplaceable database of marketing information that allows you to intelligently change your site to match visitor interests, for example, or to tailor an online offer to attract more response and draw more leads.

Measure, test, measure again then connect the dots… that's our motto. But do so with solid information in hand, and know what you are aiming to achieve.

Web design and management

Even the slickest design and the most comprehensive of websites are useless unless the market knows about it. It sounds obvious yet so many web design companies miss this critical point.

That's why any successful web strategy must include an intelligent plan to promote the site across the online universe - beginning with Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines to blogs, forums… any and all industry-related media platforms. Everywhere!

Hey, where is everyoneThen there's SEO. That's where our expert coders come in to make sure our sites are not only designed to look good, they're built to meet the changing algorithms that push your analytics and guarantee visitors - but not just any visitors… potential customers from around the world.