Are we the right B2B agancy for you? We certainly hope so but we're not for everyone

Simply put, Vertical Marketing offers intelligent strategic and marketing communications services to B2B technology companies. Whether its electronics manufacturing or components, renewable energy or aerospace, wire and cable or military, security or speciality coatings, in most cases we understand our clients' technologies almost as well as they do and if not, we're fast learners. Why is that important? Because we get to work quickly, with no false starts and no long learning curve.

Our efforts are built upon an intelligent combination of traditional and contemporary marketing tools, online and print, social media platforms and conventional media. We're full service when clients need it, or a helping hand when an opportunity arises. We offer customised strategies with complete flexibility so our clients can quickly adapt to market, product, techonology, location or customer changes, all backed by meaningful metrics and optimum return on investment (ROI).

After 25-plus years of creating B2B marketing solutions for technology-oriented companies, we've learnt a few things, not the least of which is that, 'It's not where you've been, it's where you're going.' Of course, we're proud of the work we've done, but we're not tied to the past. And we're not rushing blindly into the future; instead, we're using our knowledge and creativity to develop customised, intelligent 360° marketing strategies that make sense for each of our business-to-business, technology-oriented clients.

As we see it, a few essential things haven't changed in the last two decades. We still believe in the power of words, images and ideas to build markets and transform consumer perceptions. We don't stop until it's right.

If that's the way you do business, we could be the perfect agency for you. Please contact Vertical if you agree.

Why choose Vertical Marketing for your B2B agency

Fast Facts

  • B2B specialists focused on technology-based companies
  • Work published in over 50 countries worldwide
  • Started in 1988 from a simple idea: add intelligence and design to B2B marketing
  • 12 employees attached to a network of professionals in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia
  • Offices in Wimborne, Dorset and San Juan Capistrano (Los Angeles), CA
  • Privately owned
  • Award winning staff with unprecedented B2B/technology experience

Intelligent Approach

A clever, intelligent approach to B2B marketing takes industry knowledge, marketing experience and creativity… and it starts with listening.What are your goals and expectationsWhat are your goals and expectations? Are they realistic and achievable? How is your company and product range perceived in the market? What's the competition, their strengths and weaknesses? With information in hand, the next step is applying industry knowledge - where is the technology heading, what's the next opportunity? Then add marketing experience and the intelligence to employ the right combination of media platforms and marketing materials to create the most effective solutions… an individual tailored strategy for each client, each product, each campaign.

There's only one measure: increased sales built on improved brand perception, deeper market penetration and, ultimately, shortening the sales/procurement cycle. How? By delivering the right information to the right people at the right time within that cycle. That's really the essence of the intelligent approach.

A 360 degree view of B2B marketing

B2B has been redefined. Not that long ago, B2B marketers didn't have the same multitude of platform/distribution options as consumer-oriented companies; either because things simply 'weren't done', were too expensive, lacked the necessary reach and ROI, or simply made no sense in certain technology fields.

The result? B2B agencies worked in limited areas with blinkers… looking straight ahead at trade shows, magazines and groups, direct mail and basic internet as the primary sources of opportunities to meet and attract customers.

Its now 2014, and things have changed.

What a difference a few years can make

With potential customers in every corner of the globe and unlimited media platforms, it's past time to take off the blinkers, to develop a 360° view of the B2B marketing landscape.

"You can do so much more with so little these days." How often have you heard that phrase? It's only true, however, if you can see all the possibilities and recognise their practical implications. To be successful on this larger stage, agencies and their clients must understand the totality of what's available and execute intelligent ways to take cost-effective advantage of everything that makes sense. That means looking into each market segment and, for some clients, every part of the world to see how we can do things better.

This 360° view doesn't come naturally. It takes effort, education, experience and a commitment to changing the way we do business… not being satisfied with 'good enough for B2B', not jumping on any digital bandwagon, not settling for second best… not for ourselves and certainly not for our clients.


We're platform and media agnostic - we only use the tools and communications channels that work best for each market, each region of the world and each campaign, through working from an intelligent, creative, cost-effective strategy that helps our clients stand out and get noticed as industry leaders, market influencers and suppliers of superior products and solutions to both existing and potential customers.

We aim to inform potential customers, in part, by making available the information (in any format) needed to make an informed purchasing decision anywhere along the procurement cycle… ultimately speeding the purchasing decision for greater sales and measureable ROI. This could be through social media, email marketing, advertising, video, corporate literature, or any other channel suitable to reach a client's customer.

Where we work

A 360 degree view of B2B marketingWe started in electronics manufacturing, where our clients did (and still do) everything from component manufacturing to PCB design (CAD), printed circuit fabrication (solder mask, automated drilling, multilayer technologies) and assembly (pick and place, reflow, testing, conformal coatings, IR, rework).

Now we're working with clients in LEDs, security, contract manufacturing, renewable energy, robotics, lighting, fibre optics, military instrumentation, avionics, automotive manufacturing, wire and cable, to name a few.

If it's B2B and related to advanced electronics, industrial, manufacturing, production or green technologies, we're informed, educated and ready to start.

One team on every account

If you've worked with a large, 'big city' agency, you already know the drill. The head of the agency visits, brings the 'A team' to your place and promises the world. Unfortunately, the next time you'll see any of the 'A team' might be at the Christmas party, if you're invited.

With Vertical, there is no 'bait and switch'. Everyone works on every account whenever it's appropriate. The full internal and external resources of the agency are available at all times. There is no 'B team'. And we're not training our people at your expense.

Measure... Measure again... Then connect the dots with V-Metrix

We're a bit fanatical when it comes to metrics. In fact, we were so unhappy with some of the available tools (too B2C oriented), we took the time to develop a proprietary reporting system that we call V-METRIX… a tracking, measuring and analysing tool that enables Vertical to dissect and report in unparalleled detail on PR coverage, advertising effectiveness and web site analytics. If knowledge is power, V-METRIX is very powerful, indeed.

No board of directors

Vertical is a privately owned company. There's no board of directors. Why is this a good thing?If a board of directors is running the agency with one eye on the balance sheet, the 'billing' clock starts ticking the second you call with a question. Everything incurs a charge. We're not running the agency or managing your account by watching the clock. Plus, we're economical with our time and extra thrifty with your money. 'More bang for the buck' is a trite American expression… but it's certainly true when it comes to the work we do for each of our clients.